What is the Preparedness Mindset?

What is the Preparedness Mindset?

On the morning of December 14, 2012, a twenty-year-old man would wake up, smash his computer’s hard drive, steal several of his mother’s unsecured firearms, kill his mother, and head over to his former elementary school. In the span of 5 minutes, 26 individuals would lose their lives. One hour after dropping their children off at school, families of twenty first graders and six teachers would get a devastating phone call, their worst nightmare come true. Americans across the United States would watch helplessly from their homes with news coverage on the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy for weeks.

The Sandy Hook tragedy was the genesis of 360 Life Safety Our organization was formed in 2013 when industry professionals saw a significant lack of preparedness for emergency situations in civilians. Over the last eight years, our team has designed lines of practical products that can defend and defeat active assailants as well as triage injured individuals.

What would it have looked like to have effective tools of defense within reach of those teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary? What would it have looked like to have educators specifically trained to respond to an intruder? We believe having a rapid response and safety solutions in place before traumatic events occur can save many lives. This is called having a preparedness mindset.

The preparedness mindset is the belief that forethought is the key to saving lives in our communities after disaster strikes, making intentional choices to prepare for the unforeseen. The organization Rogue Preparedness claims that our mindset can either “make us or break us” when it comes to the results of an emergency, emphasizing that decisions made in the present greatly affect the future. In September 2020, The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) found that the desire to be prepared has increased since 2019 and that almost 70% of Americans have taken beginning steps toward becoming better prepared. 40% of American adults who are not prepared recognize the importance of being prepared and plan to do so in the next year. For those that don’t know how to begin preparing, 360 Life Safety meets all of your needs to take action today.

Our mind is our most powerful weapon when we face disastrous events. Being prepared isn’t all about the tools you have but the conscious choice you make every day to choose skills, training, and knowledge over passivity. No one is safe from natural disasters, crime, and injury. When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the United States in March of 2020, many Americans didn’t know how to react to such an event. This resulted in empty shelves at grocery stores, overflowing hospitals, and lay-offs. Choosing to have a preparedness mindset before this disaster struck could have prevented fear, financial stress, and supply shortages in many households.

Many begin preparing by asking themselves how certain situations or events would affect their daily routine. Asking ourselves this question helps us realize the significant impact a disruption to our routine can cause and what skills and knowledge we lack to protect our communities from them. Intentionally seeking plans, tools, and training in response to this question helps to fill the gaps of unpreparedness that could dangerously affect our lives. Our question for you is this:

Are You Prepared For The Unforeseen? 

360 Life Safety’s mission is to create the best possible outcomes for such events in communities across the United States through preparedness, and our products and training are designed to do just that. Whether you have a plan in place or want to make a commitment to your future, 360 Life Safety can help you where you live, learn, work, and pray. Check out our various products or sign up for training to take your first step with us in preparing for the unforeseen.

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