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The current state of affairs in society has highlighted the threat of attack against innocent people because homes, schools, businesses, and houses of worship are not fully prepared and protected. At 360 Life Safety, we provide a suite of barrier, Rapid Response, and triage solutions to keep you, your children, employees, and the public safe should an unexpected traumatic event occur, including an Active Shooter Event (ASE).

The presence of our products and systems in your home, facility, office, or house of worship can not only deter an intruder but provide you the ability to defend against and defeat the assailant. Additionally, our life safety products and training can help you effectively triage the wounded, saving lives that otherwise could be lost.

Since 2013 Templar Life Safety, now 360 Life Safety, a Michigan-based, Veteran-owned business, has offered customizable and scalable security solutions with built-in redundancy to ensure maximum uptime. 360 Life Safety’s patented Rapid Response System™  teaches members of your staff how to act quickly, work alongside local law enforcement and first responders, and defend your staff and facility. Should a traumatic event happen, your staff will be able to immediately address a security breach and protect those in danger.

360 Life Safety is a single source provider for security solution integration and life safety products. In addition, we offer integral hands-on training for your staff, so they can properly address a security threat or medical emergency. Our solutions are specifically designed to secure your building, protect innocent people against a threat, reduce response times, and ultimately, save lives!

Let us help you prepare for the unforeseen!

Mission and Values

Our Mission

360 Life Safety was conceived by concerned professionals who realized the need to better protect our children and employees.

360 Life Safety was formed with the goal of ending Active Shooter Events (ASEs) in our country’s schools. We believe, first and foremost, that no parent should ever have to worry about the safety of their child while at school.

Our passion extends to protecting innocent people wherever they may be. We now provide a solution for ASEs in schools, healthcare settings, houses of worship, businesses, manufacturing, and elsewhere.

Our overriding goal of saving lives drives our business and our technological development.

To that end, we believe the following core values exemplify 360 Life Safety:


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Our safety experts are available to help you put together a complete safety system using our 360 Life Safety Rapid Response System to help protect your home, school, work space, or house of worship.

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CPR/AED Training

Our American Red Cross certified instructors offer adult and pediatric CPR/AED classes at our location in Brighton, MI or at your location in a group class. Contact us to schedule a class.

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