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Do you know that according to FBI statistics there are twice as many Active Shooter Events in businesses than in schools! Making the news is bad for business.

Disgruntled employees are typically the threat. In this case, access control and cameras will not likely keep the assailant out. What will you do when the assailant is inside your building? You own the problem until the police arrive.

A rapid response will save lives. This is why our Distributed Armory™ is invaluable. These events have been a business ender in many cases. What does your business mean to you? What are the lives of your employees worth? The cost of our system is far less than the physical and emotional costs incurred from an Active Shooter Event.

Round out your security posture with the installation of our wall mounted trauma aid kits and vacuum sealed smaller trauma aid kits for each office and workspace.

Livingston County

Protecting where you work.

360 Life Safety’s efforts in protecting businesses has been primarily with trauma aid kits. We have provided both wall mounted and smaller, compact individual trauma aid kits to customers such as the Livingston County Jail, Brighton City municipal buildings, a Police Department in the Detroit metro area, as well as our Tactical Trauma Aid Kits to Detroit DEA units.

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Protecting the people and places we love.

It is our goal to help you put together the best safety plan to protect your school, business, house of worship, or any place where a large number of people gather. Our customers trust us to give them the tools, training and knowledge to head off danger and give them those extra seconds they need.

Ask us how we can keep you safe.

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