Rapid Response Saves Lives

Trauma Aid Kits

Tools and training for everyday people to assist with severe injury so you can create the opportunity for the best possible outcome.


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Our iTAK- Individual Trauma Aid Kit & mTAK- Multi Trauma Aid Kit provides various levels of support for multiple wounds.

The iTAK is designed to provide the essential medical supplies needed to treat major wounds in the event of traumatic injury.

The mTAK is designed for multiple victims. Wherever crowds gather, there should be a mTAK on site.

What is the safety of your “customer” worth to you?

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Our t-TAK™ (tactical Trauma Aid Kit) is designed to provide the essential medical supplies needed to treat serious wounds in the event of trauma, Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) or Active Shooter Event (ASE) until medical First Responders can arrive.

Portable and hands-free, the t-TAK™ is the ideal choice for Law Enforcement, civilian CPL/CCW holders, outdoor enthusiasts, shooting sports and any vehicle allowing you to be better Prepared for the Unforeseen. Having the t-TAK™ with you at all times allows you to assist at virtually any accident scene when seconds count and help is still minutes away!

Be hero and save a life.

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First Aid Kits

Our 101 piece Mini-Medical Bag is fully stocked with essential items needed for basic first aid care. It contains the items recommended by the American Heart Association in a compact,portable bag. A large pocket on the left end will accommodate additional items including any product from our “mini-TAK” trauma kit line.

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mini TAK

Compact Trauma Aid Kits.

Designed to be low profile with all the essentials to save a life. You are the Immediate Responder when there is a miniTAK available everywhere you go.

What is being ready to save a life worth to you?

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