Safety solutions for Pre-K through University that help to provide a safe learning environment for your students.

Your students and staff are your most valuable assets. We live in a world today where people want to do them harm. Keeping them safe is the highest priority. Where do you begin?

Access control is effective for compliant visitors. Cameras are effective for investigating crimes, but Active Shooters ignore them. The most cost-effective measure to save lives is to have trauma aid kits in the school.

But what if you could deter these events in the first place? Deterrence is the key to our patented Rapid Response System™. This complete system provides facilities with training, hardware, and software to deter assailants. For schools with a School Resource Officer (Law Enforcement), our  SRO+Advantage helps to better protect your SRO and more effectively counter the assailant.

Round out your security posture with the installation of our wall mounted trauma aid kits and vacuum sealed smaller trauma aid kits for each classroom.

Protecting where people learn.

360 Life Safety helped secure the safety and security of the school’s students, staff, and visitors in many ways. We first secured the building by installing an AI phone at the main entrance so that the office administrator could buzz in visitors after viewing and talking to them. We bolstered this by applying a clear security film to the glass at all entrances and first floor windows to thwart anyone who might attempt forced entry.

The school’s lockdown posture was solid in that door barricades were installed for every classroom door. We enhanced this protection by providing trauma kits for every classroom. Additionally, we installed larger wall mounted trauma kits throughout the building. These are not first aid kits, but kits for more severe injuries that require hemorrhage control. We provided training for all the staff members in how to use the components of the trauma kits, e.g., tourniquets, pressure bandages, occlusive seals, wound packing, etc.

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It is our goal to help you put together the best safety plan to protect your school, business, house of worship, or any place where a large number of people gather. Our customers trust us to give them the tools, training and knowledge to head off danger and give them those extra seconds they need.

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