Rapid Response System
Patented technology provides rapid access to secure gun safes to enhance armed security or deter Active Shooter Events.

Learn how our products and training can help save lives.

360 Life Safety Trauma
Products and training to help save lives when traumatic incidents occur where you Live, Learn, Work and Pray.

Learn how our products and training can help save lives.

First Aid and Trauma Training
In house, onsite and web-based for Immediate Responder trauma care, Active Shooter and CPR/AED training.

Learn how our products and training can help save lives.

Barrier System
Professionally installed security film on glass entrances and windows slows intruders allowing time to lockdown.

Learn how our products and training can help save lives.

Protect where you live
Protect where you learn
Protect where you work
Protect where you pray

Safety Solutions where you Live, Learn, Work and Pray

Seconds count. We can give them to you.

360 Life Safety’s goal, since 2013 has been to help protect you, your loved ones, students, teachers, staff, employees, associates, customers, and congregants where you live, learn, work and pray.

Sadly, there are people today intent on doing us harm. In those moments, a Rapid Response is your best defense. Prepare for the unforeseen with our products, training, and services.

Our patented Rapid Response System, Distributed Armory and SRO Advantage products give you the time to immediately and effectively respond to an armed intruder be that in your home, school, workplace, house of worship or anywhere the threat of violence exists.

We offer a broad spectrum of products and services to protect the people and places you love.

Our professionally applied glass safety and security film can give you the time to lockdown and call 911. It could even thwart the intruder altogether.

And when traumatic injuries occur, through natural causes or manmade, you can have the tools and training to affect the outcome long before emergency medical First Responders can arrive. With our trauma aid kits, you become the “Immediate Responder,” the hero, that saves lives.

To round out your preparedness, we also offer Red Cross certified First Aid/CPR/AED training. For our Michigan customers, we can train your staff at your location.

Check out our online store for all our product and service offerings and prepare for the unforeseen.

Safety Solutions When Seconds Count

Our Rapid Response System along with all of our products and services can make that extra difference when seconds count and lives are on the line.

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


“The greatest achievement is the crime that didn’t happen because it’s there” -Regarding the 360 Life Safety Rapid Response System

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
US Army Ranger (Ret)
Best Selling Author


“One of the advantages of the 360 Life Safety solution is it still allows us the ability to provide the safety and security for our students and our staff while maintaining our gun-free zone.”

Andrew Craft

Andrew Craft
Shepard of the Lakes Lutheran Church and School


“…this 360 Life Safety system. It’s a system that gives us that time that you need when you take a look at getting first responders onsite.”

Dr. Greg Gray

Dr. Greg Gray
Former Superintendent of Schools
Brighton, MI

We’re Waiting To Help You

Our safety experts are available to help you put together a complete safety system using our 360 Life Safety Rapid Response System to help protect your home, school, work space, or house of worship.

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Protecting the people and places we love.

It is our goal to help you put together the best safety plan to protect your school, business, house of worship, or any place where a large number of people gather. Our customers trust us to give them the tools, training and knowledge to head off danger and give them those extra seconds they need.

Ask us how we can keep you safe.

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Shepherd of the Lakes
2 42 Church
Powers Catholic High School
Jewish Federation
Brighton Schools
Zion Lutheran Church
Kensington Church
Livingston County
Eastern Michigan University