Advanced planning is vital to secure your home and protect your loved ones.

There is a plethora of safeguards you can employ, such as alarm systems, outdoor lighting, and cameras, to name a few. But what will you do when an intruder gets inside your home? You own the problem until police arrive—What will you do?

If your security plan includes a firearm, consider our secure, residential vault. In an emergency, when adrenaline runs high, you may not be able to open a lock with a code, key, fob, combination, or even a fingerprint in the limited time that you have. Our residential vault opens reliably every time and in a flash through iris scan technology. Store your long gun and personal body armor in a purpose-built, steel plate vault that is compact and light enough to mount on the wall inside your bedroom closet. Don’t just “level the playing field”—put the bad guy(s) at a severe disadvantage.

Iris scan technology ensures only authorized persons can gain access. With our vault, you never have to worry about anyone guessing your code or finding a key or fob.

Round out your security preparedness with our customized trauma aid kits to give anyone injured a fighting chance to make it to the hospital.

Protecting who and where you live.

360 Life Safety can install clear security film on all exterior glass at entrances and first floor windows. This is especially important for a home that has extensive areas of exterior wall glass throughout the house. We can also provide trauma and first aid kits along with our vaults.

Why Work With Us?

Protecting the people and places we love.

It is our goal to help you put together the best safety plan to protect your school, business, house of worship, or any place where a large number of people gather. Our customers trust us to give them the tools, training and knowledge to head off danger and give them those extra seconds they need.

Ask us how we can keep you safe.

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