Safety and Security Solutions for your House of Worship.

“We prayed to our God and posted a guard…” – Nehemiah 4:3

We worship every week. Houses of Worship are intended to be safe places for people to gather and grow. But religious intolerance is on the rise, and you are on the frontlines weekly. Our Houses of Worship must remain safe refuges.

Typical security measures will not prevent a determined assailant from gaining entry. You own the problem until police arrive. What are you going to do? If your House of Worship enlists an armed security team, either volunteer or for hire, look at our Distributed Armory™ product. This will give your team the protection they deserve and the tools to more effectively and quickly counter the assailant. Don’t just “level the playing field,” give your team the upper hand.

Round out your security posture with the installation of our wall mounted trauma aid kits and vacuum sealed smaller trauma aid kits for each office and workspace.

Jewish Federation

Protecting where you pray.

360 Life Safety provided wall mounted trauma kits and individual smaller trauma kits for installation in synagogues, schools, vehicles, and other facilities throughout the metro Detroit area. We also installed security film to glass entrances, exterior windows, and interior doors in many buildings to include synagogues and schools. We also provided training on how to use the components of the trauma kits, e.g., tourniquets, pressure bandages, occlusive seals, wound packing, etc., to a corps of staff members for them to then train others. We provided training kits for these trainers to use when delivering this training. We also provided backpacks to the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh for classroom emergency provisions.

Why Work With Us?

Protecting the people and places we love.

It is our goal to help you put together the best safety plan to protect your school, business, house of worship, or any place where a large number of people gather. Our customers trust us to give them the tools, training and knowledge to head off danger and give them those extra seconds they need.

Ask us how we can keep you safe.

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